p8z77-m pro SSD + Raid

Guys, p8z77-m pro supports Raid 0, 1, 5, 10 and i was thinking to put this.

6Gb/s Port : SSD = for Operating System
4x 3Gb/s Port : 4 Hard Drives

Which do you think is the best configuration of raid i can use and anybody here have experience of using this on board raid they have for this motherboard?

How do i start on this? how do i configure the SSD to be a single drive while the 4 hard drives are for raid?
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  1. On my saber tooth mb you turn on raid in the bios. Then on power up hit control I and go into intel raid set up. Then select the drives you want to add to your raid drive. Then format the raid drive.
  2. RAID-10 (1+0) for data security and speed. If 4x1GB HDD's you will end up with 2GB usable space pre-formatting.
  3. Currently i havent tried the bios setup yet to make it raid configuration, but i already have an installed OS on my SSD, will it work if i set it up for raid? im afraid to change dunno what will happen :d
  4. That's how I do it, setup OS on SSD with raid drives disconnected, then once OS installed, create raid.
  5. Yes, and you wont need to setup the raid thru the raid bios. You can do it right thru Windows with the Intel Maxtrix Storage software.

    raid 0 with 4 drives will give you maximum space and speed with minimum protection. four 1tb drives = 4tb usable. A good backup routine is essential as there is no protection. Should 1 drive fail all your data is lost.

    raid10 gives you maximum protection with minimum usable space.
    four 1tb drives nets you 2tb usable space. The other 2tb is used as a copy of the other 2tb, hence the protection. Speed is roughly half of raid0 speed. Backups are still required imo.

    raid 5 gives you some protection and some speed.
    a four 1tb array will net you 3tb usable space. Writes are slower reads are pretty fast. Again backups are still required imo.
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