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wireless monitor and keyboard/mouse for gaming

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May 31, 2013 5:57:39 PM

Hi All,

I haven't found much on this topic and several similar questions went without a response -- maybe because it is a bad idea.

I've got an HTPC that is also set up for capable gaming for a single client. i5 processor, 16GB RAM, SSD and ah HD 7750 GPU. We are looking at replacing that with a GTX 660 and putting the 7750 in the box I'm typing from now. The main monitor for that is a 40" HDTV. Unfortunately, it isn't portable. There are times when it would be nice to go to a different room with more than an iPad on Splashtop.

Is it possible and/or would it make sense to set up a rig with a good 22-24" monitor and a small keyboard with mouse that could go anywhere on site and control the game from the traveling rig? What I have in mind would almost be like a laptop but without the guts -- just the monitor, UI and a headphone jack. Sorta like a big lap-desk. At work I have a Netgear WiDi adapter that works well for a similar television but it works off a USB port on the computer and I don't know if it includes the sound. HDMI into the TV, though

Things occur to me that seldom come up. Sometimes they are great ideas. Sometimes something hasn't occurred to me that will come as an expensive lesson later. At any rate, please chew on this and let me know if there is something like this (or better) on the market.

Thanks for your help, sh

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May 31, 2013 9:15:00 PM

I would not use wireless for gaming.
May 31, 2013 10:25:22 PM

Thanks SR-71,

After talking with the household gamer, the situation actually needs less portability than I first thought. For what she wants to do, a wired monitor would be fine. The keyboard, mouse and a headset should be wireless. They would all have line-of-sight to the HTPC. I'd have to run a cable under the floor but that wouldn't be difficult.

All this does raise some hardware questions. The GPU I'm considering and the one I already have come with 1 HDMI port, 2 DVI ports and a Firewire port. The television has 4 HDMI ports, component ports and a VGA port but no DVI. It does have lots of assorted video inputs. I'd need to work out:

the best cable for a 25' run under the floor,
how to get the sound from the HTPC to the wireless headset if I use DVI and
how to get sound and video to the TV if I use the only HDMI port to go to the auxiliary monitor.

We'll get a new monitor with whatever ports are necessary. Maybe it will have speakers for when quiet isn't necessary and a headphone jack for when it is which gets around the wireless part. I haven't researched that yet. We already have an IR mouse and keyboard. Chances are the TV and monitor would be either/or but it's possible that they could both be on the same thing or running separate clients in the game.

Thanks again for your interest. Slowly and possibly surely, I'm getting there, sh
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June 2, 2013 7:23:16 AM

Far as I know you cant even get wireless monitors. There might be some aftermarket product that can stream video info between two hubs (which I doubt, uncompressed video footage like you would find between GPU and monitor would require a ton of bandwidth), though you would still need a power cable.

Think your getting Firewire confused with Displayport.

HDMI/DVI as far as I know is fine to run semi-long distances, though I don't know the point where the signal will cut out. You might have to purchase an "active" cable that replicates the signal, or some kind of repeater.
For sound to the user, get a wireless headset like a Vengeance 2000. Plug its wireless transmitter straight into the PC, rather than TV.
HDMI to TV will allow you to get an audio signal to the TV, use DVI for the aux monitor.

The reason Blackbird advises against wireless when gaming as it introduces a lot of input latency, maybe you could just run USB extension cables to your couch to get around this.
June 3, 2013 4:27:20 AM

Plan B: got an IPS monitor and a 50' DVI to HDMI cord. Will get a wireless set of headphones to match. 50' should be inside the acceptable range and, if not, I'll get the extender.

As always, thanks to the Tom's adherents for your quality help, sh