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Hi, I am having this crazy problem for the past several months. It started a while back randomly. Windows 7 64 bit randomly hangs on me for a couple of minutes before resuming. It happens at random intervals as well. There are no warnings, no events logged in the event viewer..its really weird. This is also accompanied by crashes after sleep mode is booted up, which force me to restart the pc.
I have a AMD FX-8120 cpu, ASRock 970 Extreme 4 mobo, 8GB memory G.Skill 1866MHz, a HIS HD 7870 VGA, sound blaster Z, OCZ 128GB SSD and 2 HDs (+ blu ray writer).
This problem is driving me nuts, I did a disk check on the cmd, ran memtest, ran an ssd check test and all proved to be OK.
Can someone please help?

THanks a LOT!!
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  1. It does not give any blue screen until I used the verifier.exe in windows. I have been experiencing random system hangs where everything is frozen except .
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