New SSD with old hard drive.

I purchased a new samsung 840pro and i want to put my os with a couple programs and games i use most on it since its only 128gb but then i want my 2tb hdd to store all the programs/games i don't normally use, so should i remove the os form the 2tb hdd and just load it onto the sdd I'm not really sure how it works, also what about the anti virus programs do i leave them on the hdd?
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  1. Remove your HDD and install your SSD preferably in SATA0 port. Boot with windows disk and let windows do a quick format at the beginning and then install windows. After windows is installed, install the hdd into sata1 port and you should be set. This should work with IDE or AHCI modes.

    What OS and MB do you have?
  2. I have win7, and a p7p55d pro. So i don't have to remove the OS from the HDD? and i can still run the programs off it even with my SSD in?
  3. You can load windows on the SSD then install your HDD into a sata port and you should be able to boot from your SSD and access the programs, etc on your HDD. You shouldn't have to remove the windows. I would install the ssd in the sata0 port, the first port. And after windows is installed you can install the HDD into another sata port. As a precaution, load all the drivers for your board before you install your HDD again.
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    Your board does not have sata3 but you should still see a good improvement in speed and responsiveness.
  5. Just got my new SSD today, one more question tho, will it be buggy if i leave win7 on the old HDD?
  6. Nope. You can clone the win7 to your ssd or reload windows all together on it. If you are gonna load windows to the ssd, I would install your ssd in the first sata port (usually sata0) and leave your HDD uninstalled at least till you have windows plus the board drivers installed. Then plug it into the second sata port, (usually sata1.)
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