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Hi, need some help here please. I got a Compaq Presario CQ60 311SA laptop which was running on vista basic with a Wistron 303, socket A, F 3.6 motherboard. My problem is, I have downgraded to windows XP home edition and updated all the drivers using an update driver tool. However the device manager is showing video controller (VGA compatible) yellow mark! and my display is moving up and down from top to bottom and my mouse is sticking or darting slowly around the screen.. i have tried the NVIDIA GeForce 8200M G update, but this has made loading pages at a stand still. please could you advise on what display adapter i need for this as i do not have the drivers utility disk. Also Ethernet yellow mark is there!. Much appreciated. Sorry if this is the wrong section.
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    That means the drivers you installed for the video card and Ethernet are not compatible with your components. Is your video card integrated or dedicated?

    Please tell your motherboard and video card models to get more precise help. We can then help out with links of appropriate drivers.
    You can download CPU Z via another computer and transfer it over to your PC. It would give you specific details about your motherboard and video card such as name, socket, etc.
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