Gtx 560 ti SLI or gtx 680 "Grapgics Cards master need HERE tight budget"

Hi ! I am a 14 years old kid and its very hard for me do get money so I would like to know if I should buy my Seconde gtx 560 ti and put it in SLI,would it be more powerfull than a gtx 680 or not for Games like BF3/Crysis 3/BF4/MetroLL or should i get my money then sell my gtx 560 ti and get a gtx 680 witch could get a 8 months to get it XD

Cpu:i7 920 4ghz
Gpu:Gtx 560 ti 900mhz
Ram:12G 1333mhz

I can get a gtx 560 ti Used for 100-120
Because new card can cost me lot more cause of far shipping (In canada)
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    If you don't like your 560s performance, I'd get a 2nd 560, use them in SLI, and wait to upgrade to a 8XX card after they come out and drop their prices. The cost/performance gain/inconvenience of selling your card and getting a 680 isn't worth it IMO. If you do go that route, get a 770 instead of a 680.
  2. the 560 is a turd. put 2 together you have 2 turds.

    don't look at fancy charts showing FPS numbers being better than a higher end card and expect to get truly better performance. if you have the money buy the 680.......... even a 670 is better that a pair of 560's.
  3. GTX 770
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