Can I take the hard drive from a laptop and put it into a pc?

So to give more details I have this laptop:
Dell Inspiron 15 - M5040
I'm going to be building the computer seen in this video:

So I was thinking, would it be possible to take the hard drive out of the laptop listed above and put it into this computer instead of having to buy a new one? This way I save money and dont need to buy a hard drive or an os. Tell me if this would work and if I would need to buy an adapter or anything.
Thanks, you guys are the best.
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    Quite easily, should be as simple as just removing it and then hooking it up. Most cases support 2.5" drives now with the growing popularity of SSD's.
    However, 2.5" HDD's dont offer the same performance or capacity as you can get in a standard 3.5" drive.

    Also you will need a new OS regardless of the one on the drive, chances are the install wont work because of the entirely different hardware and if it did, would be invalid as the registration key is tied to the motherboard its first installed on, which is the laptop.
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