Unable to Connect Wifi with Fios...?

Sup Guys,

After resetting my verizon router, i am experiencing the same problem again.

I was able to connect my iMac via Ethernet and my iPad, iPhone, iTouch and XBOX wirelessly using the Fios router without any problems. However, for some reason I cannot get my Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop to connect through my wifi. I previously called Fios technical support, however the agent was unable to diagnose and troubleshoot the problem. He determined because I was able to have my other peripheals connect to my wifi, the issue lies with the dell laptop. I have spent weeks on google trying to find a solution but have been unsuccessful.

My Dell Inspiron came equipped with a wifi link 5100 mini card and runs off of Windows XP 32b bit. It currently has the most current driver. It should also be noted that i did not have this problem when I had optimum online internet running of a DLink N Router previously.

Can anyone offer me some assistance? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Can your dell's built-in card connect to other networks (such as if you go to a Starbucks)?

    Also, what is the encryption setting on the Fios router? Since your dell is an older model, if the router is set on WPA2 you might do better with WPA or even WEP for compatibility sake. But please note that WEP offers little to no security due to how old the standard is.
  2. Yes, it is able to connect with other wifi except my home wifi. Currently the router has wpa2, however I'm not certain if or how I can change the setting.
  3. What is the model number of your fios router? (Check the bottom sticker)

    We can then look up the instructions to change from WPA2 to WPA which might be more compatible for your older Dell.
  4. Model number is Actiontec MI424WR rev.1
  5. I was finally able to fix the problem. I changed the security setting on the Fios Router/Modem from WPA2 to WPA.

    For anyone that may encounter the same problem, the following are the list of steps i performed to resolve the issue;

    1.Connect Ethernet cable from Router/Modem to laptop
    2.Access Fios Router setting by entering in the address bar
    3.Hit Enter
    4.On Verizon Login enter Username: & password: (usually found on the bottom of the fios router/modem)
    5.Select Wireless Setting (Top Bar)
    6.On Advance Security Setting Select WPA (not WPA2)
    7.Hit “Apply”
    8.Go to your laptop right click on wifi (computer) icon on taskbar
    10.Select “View Available Networks”
    11.Double click on the Fios network
    12.Once you get the pop up enter the security network key (found on the bottom of Fios Router/Modem)
    13.Enter the security network key again
    14.Hit "Enter"
    15.Once the connection is established, you should now be able to access the internet via wifi

    I hope this helps. It was a headache to figure out what was the problem initially.
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