i5-3570 vs i5-3570k

Okay so I don't think I should really need to overclock based on what I primarily use it for; day to day use, gaming, some pic/video editing. I can get the locked chip for about $190, and the unlocked for for $230. I don't think its worth $40 more for potential overclocking.

Am I wrong in this, or is it better to save the $190 and get the locked version?

This is the build I'm working on:

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  1. 3570 is a very powerful cpu and if you do not plan on overclocking it, then the non K version will be all you'd need for like another 4-5 years.
  2. Most IvyBridge processors will effortlessly overclock to 4.2Ghz. I say "most" rather than "all" because there's always the chance of outliers. If gaming is important to you, I'd go with the unlocked processor and toss in a decent heat sink as well.
  3. Well. depends on what resolution you're going to game on and how heavily you're going to do pic/video editing.

    If you're going to game at 1080p, then the 3570 will definitely bottleneck some games. (especially multiplayer and mmo games)
  4. if you have access to a microcenter, you can get the 3570k for less than $200
    http://www.microcenter.com/product/388577/Core_i5_3570K_34GHz_Socket_LGA_1155_Boxed_Processor @$170
    However. haswell launch is just days away (that's why 3570k price is 'suddenly' cheaper). i'd reconsider cpu+mobo(may be ram too) purchase before seeing how a haswell core i5 performs in reviews and real world usage.
  5. So i5 will be more expensive after haswell will lunch ???
  6. Based on what I was seeing, Haswell is only about 10% faster. It seems they were more interested in energy efficiency targeting the mobile market.

    I would love to get the unlocked i5-3570K, but it definitely adds quite a bit on to the cost. If I could get it for only like $25 more I'd do it, but right now its about $50 more and with a cooler that makes it about $75 more.

    I didn't think the locked i5-3570 would bottleneck any games, not for a couple years at least. Where did anyone see that it couldn't keep up?
  7. So what is the 3570K called after haswell come..
  8. Well, i have the 2500K i got it almost 2 years ago, since the day i got it, the store i bought it from overclocked it to 4.5GHz...
    Not a single crash since than, and ran BF3 and all the latest games on extreme or high settings with the video card being my bottle neck and not the CPU.
    Never overheated or anything. GPU is a Sapphire HD 6950 2GB version, from a couple years ago, still works great.

    Bottom line, get the K version and overclock it, dont be afraid to go up to 4GHz(maybe even higher, depends on you), no water cooling will be needed and no extra expenses over a regular non overclocked 3570. Both need moderate cooling, any known brand cooler will do the trick hands down. I got the Tt SpinQ VT (its 60$ nowadays), i heard people bash it, call it names, say it overheats... well i guess its the user and not the hardware cuz im running this one for a very long time now with literally 0 problems.

    Good luck with your new PC! :)
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