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Hi guys, recently I acquired a monitor from my school, which the IT guy said he had no use for. I plugged it in and all seemed well, but after about 15-30 minutes of use I began to smell something strange coming from it. It's not what I would call a burning smell, but I am slightly concerned nonetheless. Other than that though, the monitor is working, and I am typing this now using it. I have since had the monitor running for 2 hours or so after I first noticed the smell, and it has been consistent, not getting either less noticeable or stronger.

The best way I could describe the smell is what I experienced from my new case, but this monitor is not in any way new, and I would estimate that they would have had a good 2-3 years of use.

In case you were wondering, the monitor is an ASUS vw202tr.

Thanks in advance,
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    Could be dust burning off at it has been moved, if it stays after a day or two, I would get it checked out as it could be a circuit burning and may be a fire hazard.
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