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Recently (within the last 2 days) I have noticed an odd glitch when attempting to watch streaming Videos from YouTube in Firefox.

Whenever I attempt to enlarge the video to full screen, the video distorts. The Left half of the video is red tinted, while the right half of the screen is completely purple. Normally I would attribute this to some minor mishap, and did all normal troubleshooting steps. I updated Drivers, Flash Player, ensured my browser was up to date, and attempted to duplicate the error.

After doing all of the above the glitch persisted. So I went deeper, tried a different HDMI cable, and this didn't work either. When I attempted to use the print screen function to show this error, the screen showed a perfect color frame of the video. Also odd, when I switch input for my monitor and switch back, the screen is fine.

This error does not appear to happen using any other streaming service.

While not altogether threatening to the PC, It is a bit of an annoyance and would like to know if anyone had any other suggestions, or if this error is happening to anyone else.

As I have stated, I Am Current on Flash Player/Firefox/Graphics Drivers and have tried a separate HDMI Cable Input, same problem.
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  1. Did you tried the same on Internet Explorer or Chrome?
    I have not encountered such an issue so far so I can not really give a concrete solution.

    The best I can suggest is to use chrome and see if you observe the same issue there, if not you might want to switch over to chrome. It is one of the best browsers. Also if it would work in Chrome that would mean that this is a software / coding issue with firefox. You re-installed firefox? See if that fixes the problem.

    You might also like to borrow a friend's monitor and see if you get same problem there as well, if not, there is a defect in your monitor and it should be changed.

    I hope someone else can better help in this situation. :)
  2. Looks like a flash plug-in problem.... uninstall flash from windows and from firefox... then reinstall the plugin... if still does not work, search for an older (stable) version for that plug-in.
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