Core i5 3450 with GTX 650 ti boost or Core i5 3570k with gtx 550 ti?

Im planning to buy a core i5,i might aswell wait for the haswell but its not really that important,anyway
so if i get i5 3450 and B75 board i would save enough to get GTX 650 ti boost,while if i get Core i5 3570k with Z77 board,i would be stuck with my current GPU (Gtx 550 ti),so what do you guys think? should i go for 3450 and gtx 650 ti boost or go with 3570k and gtx 550 ti?
My PC will mostly be used for gaming and im not planning on doing any major overclocking,nothing above the 4 ghz range
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  1. 3450 and a 650ti boost if gaming is the main reason for your build. If you are doing mostly CPU intensive stuff hen go for the 3570k and get a new gpu down the road.
  2. is there a huge difference in gaming with 3450 instead of 3570k? excluding the type of the graphics card
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    Without overclocking the two processors will be the same to you. It truly will not affect anything going with the lesser i5 since its basically the same processor minus the ability to OC. I say go with the GTX 650 Ti Boost and get a motherboard that is capable of adding a second one later on. Currently I have the Gigabyte B75 MB and i3-2120 and a GTX 650 Ti Boost 2gb and it games nicely though I wish I sprung for a better motherboard so I could expand it more. Now I have to get not only a new i5 (going with 3570k) but also a new MB because I want to SLI my GTX 650 Ti Boost. Unless you wioll be happy with that exact system leave yourself some room for an upgrade as the B75 MB doesnt do that. All things equal you will game better with the better GPU and locked CPU but I say invest in the MB and don't even worry about Haswell since it seems the improvements are mostly for onboard graphics and laptops. Again, my opinion, get the 3450, the GTX 650 Ti Boost 2gb and invest in a better motherboard so you can at least have options and not throw away the $70 or whatever on the B75 as you will someday regret getting it as I now do.
  4. With all that said you won't regret getting that GPU nor that processor and evern the MB if your expectations are to game at that level in the future. My point is if you are investing almost $200 in the CPU already than spring for a better MB which will give you the ability to upgrade. Buying the unlocked CPU and having the chance to double the GPU's will extend the life of your rig substantially over that finite system you have planned out. My $0.02
  5. If you want a cheaper and a very good motherboard I can suggest you with the Gigabyte GA-Z77X-D3H..

    It is a very good motherboard for only 140$ max. try to find more cheaper. I found it for only 90$ very nice. wahaha :lol:

    It is a 2-way SLI™ and 2-way CrossFireX™ multi-GPU support if you want to upgrade in the future..

    It doesn't heat too much unlike the ASRock Z77 Extreme4..

    However Asrock is a very good motherboard

    Nothing to worry about the heat because it has a very huge heat sink on it's board !!!
  6. Well prices here are very high,and im not going to do sli or crossfire or any dual GPU build,GTX 650 ti boost here is around 225 USD and the board GA-Z77X-D3H is 180 USD,B75 is around 105 USD here so and the i5 3450 is 40 USD cheaper than the K version,prices here are very extremely high and im not planning on spending more than 570$ on the MB,CPU and GPU,in your market i would get way better parts than here but o well,so is a B75 a bad choice? because i cant afford to get any better motherboard than this and im not going to sli
  7. Ahh... I'm not from US but the price here and the US are almost the same. They may differ a couple of bucks only. maybe sometimes $10 only.
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