Can I Remove The Motherboard From Cabinet And Fix In The Wall?

I have installed my new graphics card, ASUS NVIDIA GeForce GT 630 4 GB DDR3 which gets WAY TOO HOT after gameplay because my cabinet (including the PC) is kept at a closed area. One of my friends suggested me to remove the motherboard from the cabinet and fix it into the wall temporarily so that my computer stays cool. Is that possible? And if it is, can I fix it back anyway?

Please help.

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  1. What are the temps of your GPU?
  2. Nearly, it was around 70-80 Centegrade.
    For this, my friends said that if I play any more, I will ruin my computer's motherboard due to overheating.

    The ASUS GPU Tweak in the full widget mode shows me the temperature, voltage, GPU usage and every other thing based on my GPU.
  3. Not much to worry about your temps are not alarming. When gaming it could reach that high. What is your idle temps? (when not gaming). what cabinet are you using?
  4. I am not so specific about my cabinet but it is of IBALL.
    When I am not gaming, the temps are 30-40 Centigrade.
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    So it's fine, nothing to worry about. If you think your cabinet needs more air than try to move it some place with more room and air. No need to hang the MB on wall.
  6. but I just asked that CAN I hang the mobo on the wall. Still the answer is YES. The bolts inside my PC are so tight that they wont open so i gave up.

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