Best Graphic Card For Dimension e521

i need a good graphics card for under $200 that will play skyrim
2.0ghz dual core amd athlon64 x2
2gbs of ram will be upgraded to 4
dont know about the hard drive getting an ssd and can ugrade the psu if needed it has the stock one; thanks for the help
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  1. 2.0ghz dual core < this will hold you back
  2. I would not spend more than $100 on the video card since it is you Mobo and CPU that will be the bottleneck
  3. skyrim at decent frame rates is out of the question , you would need to build a whole new system.
  4. Your PC will run Skyrim on high settings just fine. My primary rig is a Phenom II 1090T, Radeon 6870 and 16g of RAM. Of course, that can run most anything on at least high settings. However, I have an old E521 that I recently upgraded for fun and it runs Skyrim on high with no problem at all. Here's what to do:

    1. Upgrade your CPU to a used Athlon 64x2 5800+ (used, around $25) or, for another $10-15, get a 6000+

    2. Upgrade your vid card to a Radeon HD 6670, but make sure it's a DDR5 with 1 gig of vid memory; and

    3. Upgrade your RAM to 4GB.

    All of that should cost you no more than $100-125.

    I can even run Battlefield 3 on that rig with ease.

    Good luck.
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