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i want to upgrade my compaq pesario 3770 il destop's HDD to SSD, i am confuse which one of these is better for me according to my destop configuration
1-OCZ Agility 3 60 GB SSD
2-Kingston SV300S37A/60Gb ssd
3-Kingston SSDNow V100 64 GB SSD

or any other brand under 5,000 rs .....?
i want to use SSD only as boot drive.
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  1. Those 3 SSDs have pretty much the same speed. Avoid the OCZ one due to high failure rate. Between the other two, get the SV300S37A/60Gb due to newer technology.
  2. Have a few Vertex 3 and not one has failed, but get the SV300S37A as new tech, if price is close.
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