Build Help: Gaming Computer for Around $500 with Operating System.

I am a Java programmer, and need a new compute because my old one is from 2005. I want to be able to play games such as Metro: 2033, but I don't care if the graphics quality is low. I also need at least 4GB of RAM for programming.

My computer monitor uses VGA currently, but I might get a new one with HDMI in the future.

I don't have a preference of AMD or Intel.

I did create a PC Parts Picker List, and want someone to review it and give me any help they can, as this is my first time building.

PC Parts Picker list

Thank you for helping!
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  1. Care for an Intel build?
  2. I dont care if its Intel or AMD, but it needs to be within buget
  3. my old one is from 2005

    What kind of monitor do you have?
  4. It has a VGA input. I may get a new monitor with HDMI sooner or later though...
  5. http://

    A little over budget,but you can work to fit in your budget.And most importantly it has a potential to grow for gaming simply by adding a VGA card as(hd 6670) down the road.And don't forget it is more powerful config. from the start.

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