Older Motherboard for Newer PC Build

So here's the deal, my mom managed to pick up this old computer at a garage sale.

Now time for some background info. This is a computer that I've for a while since then I have been slowly upgrading it since I got it. I started off with this computer http://
That being said I have slowly upgraded my El1358 computer (upgrading it to 8GB Ram, Adding a Radeon HD 6570). I've also changed cases allowing for even more future expansions with a Rosewell Challenger(yes I have a 520w PSU). As far as all of this goes the only thing that is setting me from upgrading is the motherboard I need more PIN connectors to use all of the fans in my newer case.
So with the scrap computer that my mom managed to pick up I opened it up (which I always do to Comps.) and I noticed the motherboard may be of use to me. It has more PIN connectors and even more SATA ports which the stock motherboard that came with my EL1358 only has 2. The scrap computer has a ATI IXP 400 and has a 64 AMD processor (something like that). --- My question is will the EL1358-51w CPU be compatible with the older motherboard.
Also if compatibility isn't an issue what should I know when changing CPUs (aside from thermal paste)
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  1. first you mother have a socket 939 that is older then the one you have you is a am3 socket so your cpu wont work on he motherboard check those 2 links you could get a better cpu and upgrage you psu http://reviews.cnet.com/desktops/emachines-t6410-media-center/4507-3118_7-31466283.html your http://www.findlaptopdriver.com/el1358g-51w-mainboard-specs/
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