Is it okay to load up a storage drive close to it's max capicity?

To keep it short, I have 2 drives, my main one has nothing but the OS on it for the most part, my second one I keep games on. It's a 320GB drive and I have 100GBs free, so it's starting to fill up a bit.
My question is, will having a storage drive so close to the max amount make it more likely to fail? If so what percent of free space would be the minimum? I can delete games if I have too.
I don't really care about affect on speed, it's a 2.5" scorpio Blue, not the fastest to begin with. Why buy such a drive? It's very quite, and I got it for $10. But mostly because I got it for $10 :)
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    An HDD, no problem. An SSD, you need to keep ~20% free for the TRIM function to do its thing.

    A 320GB drive with 1/3 empty? No prob at all.
  2. HDD has no problem with being filled up, its only SSD's that need a bit left over.
  3. Awesome, in that case I'll just keep filling it up until it turns red.
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