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Hello Everyone,
Here is a bit of the story, I have a buddy who works at Best Buy and he was able to buy me an i7-3770K for 91.69, a very good deal, but because he is part of this program it could take up to 6 weeks for it to arrive. I have been browsing other forums and people are saying it is taking 15 to 25+ days to get there product. I have a question that I would like to ask the community:

1. Could I buy a i3 from and be able to return it in 30 days if I have installed it on my motherboard? I would clean the CPU with a fast drying solvent(IPA, Acetone, Methanol) so it would look brand new. Could they tell if I have installed it on the Motherboard?

The reason I need a new CPU is I just got done with a completely new build that all I need to do is install the cpu and the heatsink and boot it up.

Marc Brown
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    So you want to defraud Amazon, simply for the purposes of testing your current parts? Yeah, they'll probably take it back (depending on your previous Amazon purchase history).

    But you are returning a product that, up front, you knew you were going to return. Nothing wrong with it, and the actual part you ordered.

    Man up, Nancy, and wait for the i7 to arrive.
  2. Yeah, I guess your right...
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