Witch card should I buy

I'm trying to find out witch graphics card i should buy so,

My pc specs:
Intel 3570K
MSI G43 Z77A
Corsair CX500 (will replace to have enought amp on the pci connector)
16 GB 1333 MHz RAM

Budget: 400 Dollars
Monitors: 2x LCD Monitors 1680x1050 (may upgrade later)
Usage: Gaming (GTA IV, BFD 3, Black Ops 2) School work. Browsing


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  1. GTX 770, and the cx500 should be just fine for a single card.
  2. Somebody sad that the it couldn't supply enought amps

  3. Under load a system with an overclocked i7 on a x58 board(uses more juice than your i5) only pulled 304w and the cx500 is capable of 456w on the 12v rail, so i'd say your fine.
    If you had a lower quality 500w power supply then you would need an upgrade.
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