Will this motherboard be able to use the G2020 CPU?

I know that the H61 motherboards are used with the Sandy Bridge processors, but I also know that a BIOS update can fix this and enable the use of an ivy bridge cpu.

The motherboard in question is here. Does this motherboard have the necessary BIOS update, or is that not really distinguishable from just that page? I would very much like to use the G2020, but if not I might as well upgrade to a B75 mobo to stick with my budget if I can.

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  1. THe CPU requires the version, released in July 2012.
    It depends on the board manufacture date. I guess you wouldn't get in June 2013 a board older than July 2012, but... who knows?
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    Its on the supported cpu list, so I'd say yes.
  3. Yes, you will be OK with the board & cpu match up.
  4. Thank you all. Seeing as it is listed as being supported, it should hopefully work... Fingers crossed it does when I do order all of the parts to my build!
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