Going to overclock my CPU need help plz

Hi I am using an amd fx-6100 3.3ghz black edition with a radeon hd 7850 iceq turbo from HIS. The cpu fan is a heatsink coolermaster fan so there shouldn't be any issues with overheating.

I have heard that with MMO's the faster the cpu to a certain degree the better the fps will be and thus I have decided to do the overclocking. I have gotten CPU-Z and don't know where to start.

It is much appreciated to any of those that help and thank you.
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  1. Please list your motherboard.
    There are two types of motherboards (Well there are three actually but I said two for your convenience)

    Take those as H77 (H61) and Z77.

    Overclocking is possible on Z77 mobos but H77 series do not support it at all except for minor tweaks in select models.

    Alright, I assume you have Z77 model, let us start -

    Basics (Must read so you don't mess anything up and fry a chip or two) -


    Your stable voltage -

    AMD FX 6100 Stable Voltages & Frequencies Listing

    [●] Fuzzy Pants @ 4.0 GHz
    - Proof Image
    - Vcore under load = 1.31v
    - Vcore Idle = 1.28v
    - CPUNB Frequency = 2300 MHz
    - CPUNB Voltage = ????
    - RAM Frequency = ????
    - RAM Voltage = ????
    - HT Frequency = ????
    - HT Voltage = ????
    - Motherboard = Gigabyte GA-990XA-UD3
    - CPU Multiplier = x17.5
    - System Bus = 230
    - Submitted Post

    And finally the process itself -


    Hope this helps!
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