reliable optical drive? I burn alot.

Hi all, I'm prepping for my first build and I want to know if there is a particularly reliable optical drive out there? I burn data DVDs, probably about 100-200 per year. Is there any particular brand I should go for? Or is any DVD RW drive good enough?

Oh, and PLEASE do not respond telling me I shouldn't use DVDs. I have my reasons, I don't need your opinion on that.

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  2. Newegg has a ton of them from around 15 bucks and up I have burnt a lot in my past anyone of them will do 100 to 200 copys a year easy Brands I have used is ASUS LG LITE ON TSST CORP SAMSUNG they have all worked great I don't think I have ever had one fail yet . At the cost that low I replace them about every 2 years anyhow. I can remember when they where hundreds of dollars back in the day.
  3. Same drive as above is $2 cheaper on newegg. It's been my go to drive for years. You can tell by the reviews it works well. I have never seen another product with a 5 star rating out of over 4000 reviews.
  4. Excellent, looks like that is the drive to go to! Thank you!
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