Gtx 780 or gtx 680 SLI??

Hi all,

I already have 1 gtx 680. Should I sell it and upgrade to gtx 780? Or should I buy a used gtx680 and put them in sli? The used gtx 680 can be easily found ~$350.

Thank you in advance.

Pls excuse my English since I'm not native speaker.
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    Way more performance and a lot less money just getting a second one. 680 is still a beast. Will be a beast for years more to come.
  2. Yes, just get another 680. In a couple years when the 880 or even 980 is out you can upgrade. They will give you a lot of performance for lower power, which is how the computer world is heading now. But for now, play the SLI card.
  3. Ty for all your inputs. Guess I have to find another 680. :)
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