3 1/2 and 5 1/4 Floppy Disk Drives Help!!

Hi!, I have one 5 1/4 FDD and I don't know if suports 1,2 MB (HD) 500 KB (DD) or only the 360 KB, I have to know that to configure it on the BIOS because, now, it is on 1,2 MB and it don't work.

I have connected that FDD with another 3 1/2 FDD and I want to know if the 3 1/2 FDD is 2,88 (ED) or it's 1,44 (HD) to configure on the BIOS, also, if that 5 1/4 drive is broken, I want to repair the drive.

The last question, Anybody knows if the FDD's need any jumpers? Like the ATA HDD's, for Master and Slave?

I don not speak very well English because I am Spanish.

Goodbye and Thanks.
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    Just google the make and model of the drives. I'm pretty sure, you will find the specs and manuals for the jumper setting, if it is not already printed on the sticker.
  2. It ins't printed and I searched already, but I think the 5 1/4 drive is broken, Shame, I am a collector and in my city there are not more drives like that, I am not going to cry, but almost :'(

    Also, I want to buy 8 inches FDD and the drive, but that is the stone age.

    Thanks for the fast reply.
  3. Theres no jumper on the floppy drives, the a: and b: are selected by where the drive is on the cable.

    So if you are using a cable without the twist then it wont work. You can have only 1 drive before the twist and 1 drive after the twist at most.
  4. No, I knew that, my cable have that twist, I have the 5.25 drive in A: and the 3,5 drive in B:, but I enabled Swap Floppy Disk Drive on the BIOS.

    Another thing, now, when I try to format a 5.25 disk, It don not show to me the spces, Example:

    Formatting B: 5 1/4 Disk


    (All in white, I cannot select anything)

    -File system

    (All in white again)


    And, like that, all is in white, I am using a Windows XP SP3 32bits with a Pentium IV 1,4 Ghz, 768 MB of Ram DDR with a 6.00 Award Model Bios, My motherboard is a p4vxad31a.

    So what's is happening?


    The 3 1/2 drive works with any problem, but when I insert a DD (700Kb) disk, Windows only allows me to format it as a 1,44, but it, obiusly don't complete the format.

    What's the problem?
  5. Ok, so you got the cable right so the drive must be defective or not setup properly in the bios.

    As for the 3.5" drive, there are micro-switches in it that detects the presence of the holes in the corners of the disk. The hole with the move-able cover on it is the write-protect and the other hole is for detecting the size of the disk, 720 or 1.44. I believe your switch is broken and always detecting the disk as 1.44.
  6. No, I tested another FDD 3.5 and it don't work with DD FD's.
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