Now I can only get DVI-D output

So, it is like this.

My normal setup is my monitor, connected via an analog VGA output from the mobo. I use the mobo's HDMI port to run to my HDTV for occasional home-theater (using a dual display).

I had a stab at overclocking, and got a stable OC. The analog VGA crapped out, which I was prepared for, so I switched to a DVI cable. Hunky-dory. Then I discovered I can't do dual-display with DVI and HDMI.

I returned to default clocking (including the VGA clock) through the BIOS. Now, though, I can't get the monitor to detect either HDMI or VGA inputs. Not through the monitor's built-in detection, not through the AMD VISION engine on Windows. I've tried the cables singly from restart and in combos. DVI is now the only output.

I'd like to get my dual display back. Any ideas?
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    Factory reset the BIOS.
  2. Thanks. Reset the BIOS, didn't make a difference. Did it again, got VGA back. Couldn't tell you why, as doing that is pretty straightforward.

    unksol said:
    Factory reset the BIOS.
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