USB Wifi adapter vs Mobo built-in?

Right, I'm looking to build a itx machine for someone and he will be relying on Wifi. The modem is located just a room away.
The MB I have in mind is this: and I don't know if I should get a cheaper mobo and get a USB dongle or with the built-in Wifi mobo. Online gaming is not a concern right now, mainly streaming youtube video at 720p at most.
I'm afraid that if the built-in antenna malfunction or anything it is a hassle or even impossible to replace it.
PCI/ PCI-E network card is not an option due to the single pci-e slot.
Whatever is more reliable I'd go for it, hope to hear some opinions on it. Thanks.
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  1. It uses hardware similar to a laptop so it is pretty easy to get replacements since it is a daughter card not a actual part of the motherboard.

    From a performance standpoint likely they will be about the same but you are correct it is cheaper to go with USB. This did not used to be true in the days before USB2 and usb3 but now those interfaces exceed the capacity of the wireless.
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