Bought my SSD. Samsung 840 series 120GB SATA will it fit?

I don't have any bracket...I'm using NZXT Tempest 210.:/ Is it okay to use a adhesive tape? :/
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  1. You can do that.
  2. Any other options?
  3. One screw through any hole in a drive cage that fits.
  4. Or a buy a 3.5" mounting tray with support for 2.5". There's also a 2.5" -> 5.25" adapter to mount it in an optical drive.

    Zip ties also work.
  5. Its an SSD, you could connect it up to power and data, then just literally throw it at the rig and close the side panel.
    Put it wherever it will fit pretty much, double sided tape, random mounting holes in the case (I'v seen fan grills used before), on top of the PSU, sitting at the bottom are all fine places for it.
  6. Pretty much what "manofchalk" said. My intel 330 ssd is so lightweight i just slapped some tape on it and stuck it under the drive cage. I mean, you can barely see it inside the case as it it. Some good 3M tape and keep it moving. :D
  7. To summarize, a SSD has no moving parts. It doesn't care where you mount it. Or don't mount it and just let it be.
  8. Thanks guys! I've put it in top of one of my hdds and screw one of the holes.

    Another problem:

    Freshly installed since I really don't like cloning. Is there any way possible to retrieve my history from my browsers?
  9. I have the NZXT source 210. I bought a metal bracket, but technically you don't need it. Get a rubber band. Gives you more room. There are no moving parts.
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