Best 1150 socket Mobo for my build!!

Here is my build I want a good 1150 mobo under 200 bucks.

Some features I would like:

- Sli compatible

- Supports ssds usb 3.0 and 16 gb of memory

- Built in wifi (doesn't have too though)

- relaible brand good warranty

Thanks In advance

EDIT: I just noticed that I don't have a case

What is the best mid-tower case for my parts preferably under 100 bucks with usb ports and a side window. I also like the color black

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  1. ASUS Z87-PRO
  2. slomo4sho said:
    ASUS Z87-PRO

    Okay what about a case?
  3. Dylan Patel said:

    Okay what about a case?

    I like the Cooler Master HAF XB but cases are subject to your own preferences.

    Corsair 200R or 300R are also good choices.
  4. I have just returned mu Asus Z87-A board because of multiple problems. No sound from rear connections only via front connection, will not recognize Creative PCI sound card. I installed the Creative X-Fi card after an Asus sound card I purchased was also faulty
    If you are really set on the Z87 then to avoid the hassles of returning it choose a vendor who can test the board before you take possession. If they say no shop elsewhere
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