Lenovo IdeaPAd Y500 ssd/hdd upgrades?

Hello all!
I'm looking to upgrade from my current pc, and lately have been strongly considering the IdeaPad y500. Gaming and media are my first preferences, along with price of course. Battery life second, with size/weight hardly affecting my decision at all.
The y500 only comes in models with 1TB of 5400 rpms.
They either come with a 16gb SSD or no ssd at all.
Side note: this model does come with an ultrabay, but not really relative to my concerns.
What I want to know is can I upgrade the HDD to 7200rpms, as well as a much larger size ssd?
I've done some research of my own, and learned that 7200rpm hdd is prefereable to 5400 nearly always, unless price difference is extreme. Also, is 16gb SSD even enough? I see many configurations with 128gb, 256gb, etc SSD and will 16gb be enough for myself?
A thank you beforehand to all who read and offer their opinion/advice!
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  1. A 16GB SSD is only there to be a cache drive for the main HDD. It is nowhere near large enough to be a boot drive on its own.
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