Old hdd for new computer, preserving files? HELP

Hey guys, allow me to explain whats going on:
3 years ago I got a custom built computer from a friend who was moving away. It had some games such as FarCry2 and such and I've had fun playing on it and it's been great, but I've recently decided to upgrade my system and build a new computer (new mobo and processor, etc.). Also, the old computer operated off a single HDD that had windows 7 and all the games/files. I've decided to go with the SSD/HDD setup, and have my OS boot from the SSD. I've been researching this for a few days and I know that I will have to wipe the HDD and reinstall windows so that it's compatible with the new mobo (AsRock extreme6). Is there any way that I can keep my actual games? They were not bought on steam and I don't have any installation disk or anything because all I got from my friend was the computer. Is there any way they can be preserved?
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  1. Nope, with a clean OS install most games other than STEAM games will have to be reinstalled and you will need the installation disk to do that.

    You should be able to get copies of those games pretty cheap now -- if STEAM carries them, they have really cheap sales periodically. FarCry2 Fortunes Edition is only $10 when it is not on sale.
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