small spark and then flame on the graphics card?

Today my PC refused to boot, It would turn on and then shortly power down.

I had to unplug the PSU and the motherboard and then power on the PC to get it to work. However, once I powered it on I got a "pop" and then a flame started to form on one of the card's corners.
It was getting bigger but I immediately unplugged the PSU, and the flame dissipated on its own.(Though afterwards I noticed the room was filled with a bit of smoke)

The card was a Sapphire HD7750, while the card has no visual damage, I cannot boot the pc unless it is removed.

While I don't have the means to take an image myself, sense no actual damage can be seen I just circled the affected area:

I'm assuming that area of the card regulates the voltage in some way?

Would you say the card is dead? It was only a couple months old...If the card does work again should I be advised not to use it anyways? or should I not care?
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  1. Yes, it's time to call Sapphire and set up an RMA. What PSU brand name do you have? Not sure, but if it's a no name one than maybe it shorted out the GPU. <----Don't take my word on that part.
  2. ^^ This

    Try to send the card back, and what PSU are you using?
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    Or who knows, maybe the slot where you plug in the GPU is shorting out and causing that to the card, or the PSU is shorted out the motherboard, causing the GPU to do that. Sorry to sound negative, but it is a possible reality. Only way to know is to chance a cheap, crappy GPU and plug that in to the slot and fire up and test the computer. If it fries...something wrong with either the motherboard, PSU, or...both..
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