I am not sure if the gpu or psu are going bad in my desktop.

I have a Dell Studio XPS withIntel i-7 860, Nvidia PNY gtx470 GPU, and Thermaltake 600w PSU. The system is almost 3yrs old and has been awesome but last night it crashed and rebooted a couple times but I was using the new driver 320.18 and I seen where others had similar issues so reinstalled 314.21 no go still having flickering and crashes. I can't get it to boot without horrible resolution and my GPU widget states that no GPU found. But in event viewer it says power has cut out unexpectedly and also GPU driver has crashed. Before the issue really got bad I noticed pixels flickering and blocking. Anyway what do you think is the issue GPU or PSU but I am pretty sure its the GPU cause I have gamed hard on it for awhile sometimes 90c temps during certain games. Any ideas or suggestions on a way to find out for certain what's causing the issue? I hope it is the PSU but I doubt it they're not $300+ like the gpu! Thanks for any help!
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  1. I've read that temps at 90 should be ok, but don't go over 95. When you reinstalled previous drivers, did you fully uninstall what was currently on there? This could lead to conflicts as well. Uninstall drivers and reinstall what you want and see what happens.
  2. I thought I fixed it by uninstalling the device in device manager and let Windows install a driver at boot which worked for awhile last night but this morning it started with a few pixels flickering then locked up! I wish I had another GPU to test the PSU but I sold my old 5770. I guess I am going to go get another GPU as soon as I can and I hope that the PSU isn't the problem. Thanks!
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    I would try to find another computer to pop the card into first before I bought another card. And do keep in mind that sometimes these things just happen. All components are going to fail sometime. Some sooner than others and most unexpectedly.
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