1080p Gaming Monitors - Which one to buy?

I'm currently searching for a new monitor to replace my old one which has served me well for the past couple of years.

I'm looking for low to mid-range monitors, trying to not go above 125£ on which is from where I plan to order the monitor.

I'm currently undecided between these two:
BenQ GW2250M
BenQ GL2450HM

One of them is 22", while the other is 24". I'm planning to use it mainly for gaming, mainly FPS, and I sit about 3 feet away from the monitor (in case that's important in any way).

The 24" screen is 21£ more than its 22" counterpart, and apart from the size it only wins in response time, having 5ms (2ms GTG) while the other has 16ms (4ms GTG). The 22", however, has a 5000:1 contrast (20m:1 dynamic), while the 24" has only 1000:1 (12m:1 dynamic).

So, bottom line, how important is response time? And how important is contrast? And do 2" make much of a difference?
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  1. Neither of them are great, but of the two, I'd definitely go with the 24" one.

    The smaller one has a response time of 16ms - which is absolutely awful. The 24" one has a response of 5ms.

    As a rule of thumb, for gaming, the response time should be as low as possible, and should be (at absolute maximum) no more than 10ms. Therefore, the smaller one, with a response of 16ms, is completely out of the question.

    Contrast ratio is important, but not as important as reponse time, so even though the smaller screen has a much better contrast ratio, the extremely slow response is more than enough reason to avoid it.

    Hope this helped :P
  2. Do you have any suggestions of monitors, available at, which are better than those but not over the 125£ limit? That's my monitor budget.
  3. Yes sir, I know of many.

    However, what form of video input would you use? DVI, VGA, HDMI etc?
  4. I've already ordered an MSI NVIDIA GTX 660 so I believe it supports both DVI and HDMI but not VGA (doesn't seem to have a VGA port).

    Any of these would be good.

    Unfortunately, even though LG make some superb monitors, they almost all suffer from "wobbly stand syndrome", which is annoying, but not exactly a problem.
  6. OP, do you like in UK or USA?
    I noticed you put 125£, which lead me to think you live in the UK, but you put "£" at the end, which is unusual. Maybe you meant 125$? In which case, I'm afraid you can't buy from ebuyer, because you live in USA. Those screens are out of your budget when converted to $ as well.
  7. I'm Portuguese. I had no idea where the £ sign went, just put it somewhere. I usually order from since it's cheaper than in my country's stores.

    Currently checking out those monitors, but realized that the response time (5ms) is actually GTG, doesn't that mean the actual response time is significantly higher? The 16ms one I showed had 4ms GTG.
  8. Ahh, I didn't realise that the other one was 4ms GTG, I thought it was 16ms GTG, since response times are usually just listed in their GTG values.

    In that case, the one you found is fine. :P
  9. So in the end which one is the best, out of those two? (Back to the original question!)
  10. Best answer
    the 24" one. :P
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