Overclocking gtx690 is it voltage locked

hello, I just wanted to ask if anyone knows anything about the gtx690 like if it's voltage locked for overclocking? and what is a decent overclock for these?
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  1. Yep.

    1100Mhz or so is about average.
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    Well I own a 690 so I can confirm that the reference cards "Are" indeed voltage locked.

    As for a decent OC for one. Well of course no card is alike so you may have been lucky or unlucky with yours, it may OC really well or it may not.
    As a point of reference I have mine stable at:
    GPU Clock @ 1095Mhz
    Memory @ 1597Mhz
    Boost @ 1200Mhz

    This was with MSI Afterburner.
  3. Damn!! :fou: thats what i thought. ok thanks for the help and ill see how high i can get it. thanks
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