Corsair 650D CPU/GPU + General Loop Questions

As the title suggests, I'm have a multitude of questions regarding a first time watercooling setup that I have envisioned. I was able to build an excel spread sheet containing the possible parts and the quantity required. But I still require some advice.
While I do have a small idea of what the loop would look like, it will depend heavily on the types of answers I receive on this thread.

Just some quick info on why I'm going water cooled. As some may have noticed, I have some pretty competent air cooling already, but my reason for watercooling isn't all for thermals. I guess you could call it a study, or just another project to keep my computer hobby going. However, if I had to pin down some reasons for doing this, it would be a combination of aesthetics and acoustics, with preformance coming in last. Thats not to say it does not need to perform, but its just not the most important thing.

This is a link to the spreadsheet that has all the parts on it:

The CPU is OCed to 4.3GHz, and the GPU is at 1020MHz core and 1575MHz mem.
I have the full parts list for my computer here:

As well as a recent picture here:

First question- Do I have good enough heat dissipation with the Gen2 Stealth or do I need the Phobia 200mm rad as well?

Second question- Can anyone confirm that the Gen2 280mm rad fits in the fit in the 650d? I made some measurements and it should, but better safe than sorry. (this question goes the same for the phobia 200mm rad that would go in the front 200mm fan area)

Third question- I'm not to worried about this but I still wonder, is that pump/res combo good enough for a rig of this size?

I may have a few more, but that seems to be all I can remember at this point.
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  1. Your google document won't allow people to access your parts list. Please fix this.
  2. Ah, yes, fixed, sorry about that.
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    You definitely will want the 200mm rad, which should be able to fit. Also you should be able to fit the rad in. It has 20mm spacing for its screws, which the 650D has. I don't know how I feel about that pump. I don't feel it is sufficient for having two blocks and two radiators, especially with the slimmer design on the Gen2 Stealth. Go for the Swiftech Micro-Res ( and the Swiftech MCP655 (
  4. This is my main problem, while that pump/res config isnt much more expensive than what I currently have, it is more expensive. And it's much more ugly. Which is one of the reasons I wanted to have a mod kit.

    My pricing goal is to get all the parts under 400USD.
  5. Oh well I see. In that case, go ahead with that pump/res combo. But take caution.
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