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Yesterday i bought components for new computer but after we start it and installed windows it was working 5 hours and turned off i couldnt start it after, but today i tried again and it started and turn off again after 2 hours.

There is following components inside:
PSU 620W Gigabyte Superb Real Power, Silent, 12cm Fan
ATX Midi Tower Case Gigabyte GZ-G1P1 Black
CPU AMD FX-8320 3.5GHz Eight-Core 8MB AM3+ BOX
MB Gigabyte 990XA-UD3 AM3+ DDR3 2000+MHz SATA3 USB3.0 Ultra Durable
2x DIMM 4GB DDR3 1866Mhz Kingston CL9 HyperX Genesis
Gigabyte PCX GeForce GTX660 2GB DDR5 HDMI/2xDVI/DP Overclock
SSD 2.5" Samsung 840 120GB SATA3 530MB/s
also a HDD and Dvd on sata port

not sure if the power supply is making problems because the computer cant start
I need some advice thank you.
PS first time when i put cabel on power supply and try to turn on all fans spin once and the light in front of computer stats and stops if i dont remove the cabel and try to start it again nothing happen
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  1. Don't know if this is the answer, but suggest you pull your CPU and see if you bent or broke any pins when you inserted it.
  2. nostall said:
    Don't know if this is the answer, but suggest you pull your CPU and see if you bent or broke any pins when you inserted it.

    did that before but all pins were fine
  3. AlexerMK said:
    nostall said:
    Don't know if this is the answer, but suggest you pull your CPU and see if you bent or broke any pins when you inserted it.

    did that before but all pins were fine

    AlexerMK, I don't think I can help you beyond my one very minor suggestion; but I have attached a couple links to info. about power supplies. I hope that they help. The JohnnyLucky Lemon list does have a Gigabyte 550W unit listed but don't know if your 620 is built by the same company.

    Best of luck, sorry I couldn't offer anything more positive. Somebody else wanna lend a hand?
  4. This is a tough thread, not many clues at all.

    With a new build, you should not connect any hard drives or cd/dvd drives, or even a video card if onboard video out is available, or any PCI add-on cards (and even internal fans) or external devices other than mouse & keyboard until you establish the BIOS basic settings such as Date & Time, and whether the CPU temps and ram speed, and CPU cooler, are correctly being read.

    Once you have done that you then turn off the power to the PSU then add the internal fans but only as many as there are pins on the motherboard and no more. You thern turn on the power to the PSU then press the power on button to boot the PC then go to bios again to check the internal fans are being read. If all are okay, you can now add the video card but you'd need to change the video out option in the bios prior to adding the video card.

    Basically, it can take as long as 2 hours before you actually get to connect a hdd as along as there are no errors or mis-readings to which you then have to check the ram and CPU pins, THERMAL PASTE etc

    So, I suggest you use the traditional method of a rebuild (as above) then report back here with the temps and speeds as shown in PC Health.

    Edit - A quick fix would probably checking out the ram, 1866mhz is not a standard that many users would even consider.
    I'll check out your specs later and add the details.

    Edit 2 update -
    GA-990XA-UD3 (rev. 3.0) or there is another revision, 1.x, I'm referring to the Revision 3.0 until you confirm otherwise.

    "To support a DDR3 1866 MHz (and above) memory, you must install an AM3+ CPU first." Like, who puts in the ram before the CPU?
    "Only one DIMM per channel is supported for DDR3-1866MHz and higher speed as using an AM3+ CPU"
    A channel is not a slot it is a combination of slots depending on the architecture. The two blue ones are a channel as is the two white ones are another channel. Two channels is not dual channel, dual channel refers to 2 sticks of ram in one channel.
    So your ram would be required to be put into A1 and B1 slots, one blue and one white.

    PCI Express 2.0 x16 a video card requiring PCIe 3.0 would not be performing at its peak.

    Audio - Realtek ALC889 codec / High Definition Audio
    Some motherboards do not support both options, you'd need to disable one or the other until it is established as to whether you can combine both options with OS.

    FX-8320 uses 125 watts, not really a power hog.

    Ill add more but only after your reply to confirm the revision type of the motherboard.
    It's not really going to be about the PSU, per se.
  5. Best answer
    Yesterday i bought 650W power supply and the computer didnt turn off so far.
    probably 620W was not enough thank you for help ;)
    and this is the motherboard
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