4570K vs 4770K vs 8350 For Gaming And Video Rendering

Im aiming for a $1500 PC and so far it seems like AMD fits my budget more since it allows me to get a better GPU. Here is my build so far: http://pcpartpicker.com/user/UnexceptionalJew/saved/1Aov

So should I swap out the 8350 for the 4570K or the 4770K? Im going to be doing mostly gaming but also lots of video rendering in like sony vegas and photoshop and what not. So is it better to stick with the 8350 because of the extra cores or get the intel cpus? Anyhelp is great.
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  1. They both will work fine so if you prefer amd then stick with it personally i woud go intel but that's just because i find them better.
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