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I completed my PC build a couple of weeks ago and now I am just trying to optimize performance of the PC. As part of that, I am trying to download some type of monitoring software to keep an eye on the voltage and temperatures of all the components.

Currently I am using Open Hardware Monitor but my main gripe with that is that I have to click on the app, wait for it to open, and then check it out. I want some type of FREE software that can be pinned as a gadget so it automatically gives me real time temps and volts as soon as I glance at it.

I hope someone can help me find such a monitoring software. Please let me know if you need clarification as to what I am asking.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. use HWMonitor and msi afterburner (useful when gaming)
  2. does MSI afterburner work for an NVIDIA GTX 680? Thanks.
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