I need help choosing between builds and additional advice. Please help?

Hello! For my very first build, i need some advice. I am building a gaming intensive rig that i am planning to use for the next few years. I will order the parts in August. My total budget is ~$1600. Here are the three builds that i have to choose between. And here are my three planned builds:


As you might see, the third build is a tad overbudget. I really need some advice to lower it's price while not switching the card, a mech. keyboard and case. Should i even go with that build? Is it a definite improvement? Help please, it will be appreciated.
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  1. Usually, I'd say the AMD build, but I'm usually biased towards AMD, so I must resist in this instance.
    To be honest, the third build is probably the best. The GTX 780 is one hell of a card, not so sure about the Haswell i5 though. The 3570k would be perfectly sufficient, but to each their own :P
    They all look like solid builds to be quite honest, it'll mostly come down to your personal preference/gut instinct as to which one you'll build :P
  2. First one looks good, the haswell i5, will be about 20% more powerful then the current i5-3570k, and considering the current i5, eats the FX-8350 for dinner, I am sure the even more powerful Haswell i5-4670k will dominate.

    The HD 7970 will eat up just about any game, and you will save a couple bucks. The GTX 780 is better of course, but in my opinion the first build is my choice.
  3. I thought there were some benchmarks that showed that the haswell i5 wasn't much better than the 3570k? Or did I imagine that? :L

    But yes, in this case, Intel definitely beats AMD, although it pains me to say it :(
  4. Yeah... The third is the best, but the priciest too. I am hoping the price will go down $50-$100 by august but that's just me and not at all probable for such a price range. I still need suggestions to lower the price so that i am no relying on hopes. Any ideas. I do want a mech. Keyboard, the 780, haswell and the case. I need help on that one.
  5. I think the only way to reduce the cost is to go AMD, because the 780 build doesnt really have much we can take away without sacrificing quality.
  6. Heh! I can hope that the price drops by the middle of August. And look at me, i still cant help but want an ssd. Is there any potential in changing the hdd, optical drive, or anything else to reduce the price?
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