buying new cpu/mobo tomorrow whats your pick?

Ok I have a old dell inspiron 530 c2d that had originally a e7300. Upgraded to e8600, 4gig ddr2 400mhz, foxconn g33m0, bfg gt9500

Im building my new system with msi 650ti boost gskill 8gigs ddr3 1866 (was cheaper than 1600) corsair 500watt psu. My question is on the cpu.

I can get cpu and mobo from microcenter tomorrow. Which should I go for and why?

I7 3770k, asus p8z77-v lk for $314

I5 3570k asrock extreme4 $264

I5 4670k asus z87-A $309

Also what are yalls thoughts on the msi motherboards if I choose that mobo it would be $40 less on each setup. Are they good boards?

Thanks for your imput. Lol my last personal build was the amd k6-2 been mainly just buying since then but tired of that want more upgrade abilities. Which is my concern on 1155 socket but is that something to worry about?
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    Go with the i5 4670k and Asus board. Haswell is not much faster than ivy bridge, but if you don't have either, might as well get the latest.
  2. So the msi isnt a good board then? I like asus products but had a huge problem with their CS over a faultly cmos on a new laptop a couple years ago.
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