i want to upgrade my RAM

recentally i install a SSD in my pc, so is it need to upgrade RAM(current 2 gb ddr2) too or not if yes then which type of RAM should i upgrade in my compaq presario sg 3770il destop pc......... can this upgrade really increase my pc performance or not ?
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  1. SSD and RAM are two different things.

    SSD - Solid State Drive. It is like a super fast hard disk in which you can put in your OS and other important and heavy programs for them to load faster due to high data reading capacity and bandwidth.

    RAM - Random Access Memory. It is able to catch whatever you do or view for speedier loading times the next time you do the same. Yes a higher RAM would make your PC more smoother and faster to some extent and the difference would be noticeable.

    You should go for another 2 GB or 4 GB stick. That would total for either 4 GB or 6 GB RAM.

    These days 8 GB is standard but 6 GB is also a lot. :)
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    The question of upgrading RAM can be answered based on the software's you run:vendredi:. Yes, upgrading has its benefits and considering your system model (which is kinda old but it ain't an ancient) I would suggest you to go with the upgrade.

    Your system supports a max memory of 4GB only. It has 2 slots and maximum each slot can take is upto 2GB. Hence, looking at the current memory population i.e, whether you have 2 x 1GB installed or single 2GB module is installed; based on these you could get some memory.

    Click here -->> For compatible memory for Compaq Presario SG3770IL Desktop

    Good luck with upgrade. Sayonara!! :vip:

    Source: Official HP Specs
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