Trouble with installation of VERTEX 450 128GB SSD

HP AMD Athlon ll Quad
6GB ram
2.60 ghz
300 GB HDD sata ll
Seagate 1TB ext HDD

Hello, I am new here, and I am hoping to find the help I need to get my PC and my new SSD working together. I have an hp that came with HDD and CD/DVD drives. I purchased a new VERTEX 450 128GB SSD, went through the given instructions on YouTube (unplug power and sata cables; mount SSD, plug in power and sata cable to SSD; plug power cord back in; turn on computer...). When I turn on computer and go into the BIOS I see the OCZ listed and select it as first boot(my desktop is org setup for the CR/DVD drive to be first boot) - I left all other drives unplugged before powering on my desktop. After that I hit F10 and it goes to the welcome screen but nothing happens after several minutes. If I try to restart and not enter the BIOS then I get this message "reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media selected boot device press a key_". I backed up my comp on external HDD and I downloaded installation pack SP1 to my desktop and saved it to the ext HDD also. I can't seem to find any clear instructions or explanations of what I might be doing wrong, please help!
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  1. Is it because I did not transfer SP1 to a disk, therefore I do not have anything to insert?? Can I do this without using a disk??
  2. bump.. anyone?
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