need advice on a gaming mouse

thinking of getting corsair vengeance m65 gaming mouse. is it good for fps games?
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  1. The Corsair M60/M65 look nice and are built for FPS games. SteelSeries and Cooler Master are among other companies that make good mice.

    You may want to go to a store and grip them first. That tends to help a lot.
  2. i've heard they work alright.

    everything depends on your grip style, hand size and how large of a mouse you prefer.

    for medium sized hands with a palm grip the old style deathadder was perfect.
  3. yes the corsair m65 is an excellent mouse. Basically it's like a RAT 7 mouse (without customizability) but everything actually works and stays working. I think also the scroll wheel is alluminium too, which the RAT mouse doesn't have, more of the mouse is alluminium than the RAT mouse. Yeah that's also another thing the mouse is relatively wide, it might not suit everyone's grip, but the sides of the mouse have a gritty like surface which is a good thing.
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