Sometimes PC will only turn on After being unplugged

Gday guys, have an annoying issue with a pc im currently using and the specs are Gigabyte GA-MA74GM-S2 (rev 4.4) board
Sempron 140 cpu unlocked to a duel core
4 gb ram 800mhz
Onboard Graphics atm until i can sort this issue out.

Firstly when the pc is running it is rock solid and never turns itself off or anything like that. However randomly when i shut it down it sometimes needs the power cable pulled from the psu for about 5 to 10secs and then plug it in and it boots up no probs.
And as it just happend tonight i turned it off for about an hr or so and when i hit the power button it lit up for bout .5 of a sec and then was dead. Unplugged the power cord and it booted straight away.

So basically it pretty much randomly doesnt turn or wont wont power up but most of the time it does.

Any suggestions?
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  1. lil update, i decided to turn the cpu back to a sempron in the bios and when it shutoff after changing the settings it didnt reboot , i pressed the power button and nothing so i had to unplug the power cable again.
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