Which motherboard bundle to get? Ivy or Haswell?

I'm building a new PC soon and haswell recently came out. Most of what i'm hearing on these forums is that haswell has no significant performance boost that justifies it's price.

But, if i buy ivy bridge i'll be buying a dead socket. If i go with haswell i'll be able to upgrade cpu when the next generation comes out.

The website i am looking to purchase these from is microcenter. They have these mobo+cpu deals i think are extremely good.


Which bundle would you pick for rhe haswell processor thats best for gaming and oc?

So in the end, my main questions are
- i5 3570k vs i5 4670k
- Strictly for gaming, which processor is better? Does haswell give me a performance boost at all?
-Do you feel haswell is worth it for a new pc builder
-Which bundle above is best for gaming and oc?

Thanks for your help in advance!
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  1. 1) If you buy haswell, there's absolutely no point in upgrading to it's 'tick' - it's a waste of money, just like upgrading from sandy bridge to ivy bridge would be pointless.

    2) There's no guarentee broadwell won't require a new motherboard anyways, if it comes with DDR4 controllers.

    3) Bear in mind that the best deals on microcenter are in-store only. That means if you don't have one near you, you're SOL.

    4) If you aren't overclocking at all, then haswell is ever so slightly better. If you are overclocking, ivy bridge is the way to go.
  2. Hi mate,

    If you're building a new machine, its best to go with the newer generation, haswell. It doesn't have a huge performance difference and surely not in games and for the price. The 3570k will be perfect for now but its just much better to get the 1150 socket, since it will be used in the future(hopefully, unless intel has other plans). The haswell series are focused on power consumption, gpu and stuff like that. Its pretty much up to you if you're willing to pay the extra 20 bucks for haswell.
  3. I live near a microcenter, no problem.

    Which motherboard bundle is the best for haswell though? Its new and i havent seen any reviews yet
  4. Z87-A and 4650K bundle is what you need,
    for more space for OCing and expansion the gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD4H
  5. Just throwing out there, if Broadwell ships DDR4-ready like it's supposed to, then you're going to require a new motherboard for it anyways. There's also no point in buying a newer intel socket with the intent to upgrade within the socket - that will only let you upgrade one generation, which is not even worth considering.

    If you're buying Haswell for more USB 3.0 or PCIe 3.0 lanes, go for it - but if you're overclocking and those don't matter, the -3570k is both cheaper and faster.
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