Raid 0 with a SSHD and a Hdd, is it possible?

I've got a 750GB hybrid drive(SSHD) that came with my notebook (Asus G75VW), and later i've got a WD Black 750GB harddrive, i was wondering if it would work to have those two in a RAID 0 configuration and still take avantage of the cache on the SSHD, or if it would be better just leaving it as two seperate drives.
Currently i'm not storing any data on the WD drive

Edit: The SSDH is a 7200 rpm drive with 8 GB Flash cache

Edit: Or should i just get another WD Black 750GB drive and run them in Raid 0, would it get a speed boost, or is the SSHD faster?
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  1. Technically, you can RAID non-identical HDDs. However, it IS NOT recommended. For best results, you really should only do this with identical drives.
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    Yes, you can RAID the drives together, the controller doesn't care. However, the hybrid drive will take a pretty good performance hit, because it will be limited by the HDD. I'd recommend leaving them separated.

    You also may start to have volume issues when the hybrid responds quickly and the HDD does not. RAID controllers will flag a drive in an array that doesn't respond within a certain time frame (from one another). Even though the drive is fine, if the Read command times out, it will flag the drive as bad, and then you are out the info of the volume (RAID 0). This is why you don't use the "power savings" drives in arrays.
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