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I have been running Windows XP SP2 for years. Have a Pirelli modem/router and am using the latest version of Zone Alarm Free firewall. Recently (in the last week or so) I have noticed that the Internet light on modem is RED until Zone Alarm starts. I am pretty sure that this is a recent phenomenon. It is not a huge problem since once ZA starts I have full access to the internet but I am curious as to what might be happening. Any ideas?

Well, I need to update this. It appears that the issue is NOT with Zone Alarm but with AVG. Does that help anybody with ideas ?

One more update for this. I am using AVG free version so the AVG Firewall is NOT active. I am really puzzled.
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  1. I think I must be smoking something strange! I uninstalled both ZA and AVG and there was no change to the behavior. So, either I just wasn't paying attention for the last zillion years or the modem/router has started doing something different. Since, in the final analysis, it doesn't really cause any problems I guess we can just toss this one in the can. If anyone has anything to add I will leave this open for a couple of days. Feel free to chastise me, but be gentle. LOL!
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