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Hello, some days ago I was planning on buying a new PC, but then decided to overclock my 920 a bit, which I never did (bought it in nov 2009), and hope it can last for one more year before upgrading. Or maybe it's not worth it? After 4 years maybe it's already worn out or something? Never overclocked it.

According to CPU ID it's D0.

I bought 212 Evo, mounted it yday and today I tested it on max load in Prime95.

I'm using HAF X case with stock fans, didnt change a thing. 1 rear, 1 top exhaust, 1 front, side intake


So as someone suggested in another thread I ran Prime95 Blend test (default settings) for 2 hours.

Stock / default settings in BIOS, i7 920 D0 / 212 Evo combo

Here are the results:

They seem way too high to me, I've seen people with overclocks getting these results. Did I mess up applying thermal paste? I used pea method, but didnt spread it, i let cooler spread it by itself. Or maybe my room temperature plays a big role? It's 26-27C here, quiet hot.

What do you guys think? Should I go ahead with OC or these temps are way too high for stock settings with an after market cooler?
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  1. They might be a little high but no where near dangerous. I use the same CPU with a Noctua cooler @ 3.8GHz(BCLCK OC'd) and been running that for just over 3.5 years now. Your ambient temps might be fudging your results a bit.
  2. I see, do you recon I can go ahead and try to overclock with this kind of stock temperatures? I plan on using this guide

  3. Keep it simple. I don't know what your main board is but chances are you can get to 3.6-3.8 with just a BCLK OC. Just make sure to turn Turbo Mode Off. I don't believe I changed a voltage or multiplier in my OC.
    Ease into it.... start 3.0 for a few days.... if stable under daily loads... try 3.2. I usually lower my OC during the summer months due to the ambient temperature being higher in my house. A lot of houses here near the beach don't have air conditioners.
  4. Yeah, I plan on taking it slowly, ill go top 3.8ghz not higher. My MB is Asus P6T Deluxe v2.

    From what I can see on this guide I linked all I'd have to change is BCLK, CPU Ratio set to 21 or auto, and tweak CPU Voltage a bit. My question is should I bother with DRAM Frequency and DRAM Bus Voltage? I have Corsair Vengance 2x 4gb if it matters.

    [edit] actually I missed some things such as QPI Link Data Rate and UCLK Frequency, so theres quite few things to change. Should I even bother with these? Seeing as all you changed was BCLK?
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