first htpc/gaming build advice

Hi all,

I think i've finally come up with a build. I want it for htpc and light/moderate gaming so i'll be using a hd7790. I know it isn't the best card out there but my tv is a little old and its native resolution is 1330 x 768 so (as far as i can tell) i don't need anything cutting edge. I'm no expert but at the resolution i should be able to get battlefield 3 at ultra right?

heres my parts list

what im most concerned about is the case and temperature/noise.

im thinking of using a silverstone gd05 but will i have enough clearance with the included heatsink? Also is thig likely to be noisy? how would i reduce that?

i'm sure some people will berate me for going the AMD route but im really keen to keep this under £500.

Any Advise would be most welcome.
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  1. id say this would be a better choice

    the APU is powerful enough on its own to play some games at your specified resolution. you wont need a seperate graphics card
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